02.03.2009, Words by dummymag

Golden Traxe

When Justice released the epochal Waters of Nazareth in 2005, they turned a lot of techno producers onto the joys of eking out the most histrionic sound possible from their machines. Shadow Dancer, two Manchester based brothers, were amongst this new breed, signed by Boys Noize to BNR on the strength of Poke and Cowbois (the latter of which is oddly not included here). Golden Traxe is designed in the same way as their label bosses’ 2006 debut Oi, Oi, Oi, in that it’s more a collection of club bangers than a fully realised album. Most of the tracks launch straight into their main riff in the opening seconds, which is akin to a band starting every song with a chorus, and their jerky mutant techno, thrilling as it can be, may only be of use in a club at peak-time. That said, there are some concessions to home listening in What Is Natural and Drivetime, which has an appealing, bouncy Italo-disco groove. (7)

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