23.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Randomer!"

Randomer’s track Brunk off the Hessle Audio ’116 & Rising’ compilation was pretty striking. For a label noted for it’s stripped aesthetic, here was a track that made even the skeletal bangers around it look busy. The hard-edged simple thunk of Brunk cut a sharp, angular shape that stood out. His new EP, ‘Obtuse’ (out this week on Super Recordings) is better again. There’s a catchy twitchiness in the the way the title track jerks about, stiff and full of tension, like jungle slowed down. It’s all beat until just over halfway, when some glacial atmospherics come in before being cut off abruptly. On Obtuse (VIP) the lines are more acidic, something continued in the feel of Lost Everything, while Dope is heavy and packed with bass. His productions are restrained and tense, a less-is-more approach to song-craft that, while common these days, is rarely executed in such a distinctive manner. Stream his ‘Obtuse’ EP below, and get introduced.

Randomer – Obtuse EP [Super Recordings] by DummyMag




Never ask a lady her age!!

Current location?

In my kitchen, eating a massive pasta bake.

Your sound?

Maybe Dillinja meets Mr Oizo.

How do you record?

With a microphone? This is trick question right?

Previous experience?

I have a D in GSCE German and a strong work ethic.


Dillinja, Timbaland, Coltrane, Hendrix.

Last release?

Brunk off the ’116 And Rising’ compilation from Hessle Audio. It’s a banger.

Next release?

‘Obtuse’ EP on Super Recordings.

Next playing?

Tonight at CAMP in Old St. I’m speaking from the past though. Hello future people!

Is the stripped down sound of your new EP something your music has always tended to lean towards?

No I’ve been making stupidly messy tunes for years, then people told me I’d be making bangers if I made things more simple. It’s well harder to do, I thought I was being proper clever before – thanks Richard D James.

Your tunes (as far as I can tell) seem to be mainly built from scratch rather than relying too much on samples. Any particular reasons behind this?

It’s a bit of both really. I start with a sample or I start by nicking bits, er, I mean being influenced by the melody/rhythms/vibe from another tune.

Your first releases seemed to come more from the jungle side of things, your new stuff seems to be at more of a house tempo. How come the change?

Now that I’m older I can’t dance as fast. For a bit I made nondescript housey tunes but now the jungle/drum & bass influence is coming back things are getting darker…

Super Recordings released Randomer’s ‘Obtuse’ EP on 19th September 2011

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