13.05.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby


It’s Saturday evening and I’m about to chase away the remnants of a hangover with strong coffee and HOLY FUCK’s new album, ‘Latin’. It’s their third, following 2005’s ‘Holy Fuck’ and 2007’s ‘LP’, but their first as a fully formed four-piece band. So, cafetiere on hand, I press play. Here goes…

A stirring in the air, indecipherable mutterings, overwhelming warmth, man and machine in harmony. The beast has reawakened…

Red Lights
…and its jumping straight back into the driving seat. Hell yeah. This groove is tight, and funk charged. It’s actually pretty dirty. Red lights indeed.

Latin America
This opens with underwater smoke bubbles, sending messages, urging tidal waves. God, it’s good. I literally can’t wait to hear this live. It’s going to blow me out the water. Sorry, maybe that was one oceanic pun too far. Sod it. This is amazing. Best Holy Fuck song ever?

Stay Lit
Ooo. There’s something a touch gothic about this one. It’s really visual, the volume’s on widescreen. It’s soul stirring, a call to arms. I’m with them.

Silva & Grimes
Hold it, hold it, hoooold it. Get ready…now go. GO, GO, GO. Son of a gun. Holy Fuck are tighter, more focused, tuned in and sure of where they’re headed than ever before. This is on a completely different level to anything they’ve done before. It’s truly beautiful.

Sht Mtn
Okay, let’s do this shit. We’ve had the warm up. Now let’s leap into the void, headfirst into the mouth of the beast. YEAH.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. My pulse is racing. It could be the caffeine. But I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Stilettos’. This is it. THIS IS IT. This is actually my favourite track on ‘Latin’. The last 60 seconds are earth shattering, full beam brilliance. Phew.

So where are you taking me now, Holy Fuck? To eastern shores on a magic carpet? Okay then. Let’s do it.

One last hurrah on what’s undeniably their finest release to date and it’s a fire breathing, 6-minute monster, eyes fixed on the horizon, burning up everything in its path. This is the most ‘classic’ Holy Fuck track on the album but again, it’s more refined, more pointed. Chaos on a mission. There’s only one thing for it: submit.


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