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07.01.2020, Words by dummymag

How to Make A Big Techno Kick, according to Danny Linton

This new tutorial shows you how to produce a drum sound that'll tear the club up...

In this new video tutorial from Point Blank, Danny Linton aka Funk Ethics demonstrates exactly how to make a blistering techno kick, one that’ll make the club shake uncontrollably. If you’d like to boost your drum game even more, check out their previous video with Danny which focuses on transforming your drum grooves into exciting and professional-sounding patterns.

Danny cut his teeth making deep 140bpm club tracks which blend the realms of UK garage and dubstep. He’s contributed healthily to the UK bass scene releasing music on Pitch Black, Boka and Brownswood Recordings as well as gained support over the years from big hitters such as Scuba, Skream, Mary Anne Hobbs and Giles Peterson. Danny is a programme leader for the Foundation year at Point Blank, teaching courses such as Production Portfolio, the Final Major Project, Intro to Production and more – so if you’re interested in learning more techniques first hand from Danny Linton, check out their line of London courses.

In this video, Danny fires up Logic Pro and gives us a peek into a new track he’s been working on – a track which features the synthesised kick drum that forms the focus of this tutorial. In the first step of the process, Danny demonstrates how to create the raw tone of the kick drum using Logic’s ES2 before adding tape delay. Then the producer shows a crucial part of the process EQing the audio of the kick to remove any muddy and unnecessary frequencies. To create some ambience, Danny adds some subtle reverb to a separate drum bus which provides some darker textures to the mix.

Watch the tutorial below.

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