14.03.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

How to survive SXSW, by the online music press

The music side of SXSW 2012 gets fully underway today so we asked some of the people behind four of our favourite online music publications, plus SXSW itself, to find out who they’re excited about seeing this year and their tips for surviving SXSW’s scramble in the sun.

Sam Hockley-Smith, The Fader

What are your top tips for SXSW 2012?: I know it’s super boring to talk about the weather, but if it rains—and it likely will rain—I recommend bringing a raincoat. My original plan was to just will sun and warmth, but that doesn’t really seem to be panning out. More importantly though, don’t stress about not getting to see everything you planned on seeing. Just focus on a couple must-see things, and make sure you get to them. You will always have more chances to see just about everyone who is playing at SXSW.”

Hot artist: Bruce Springsteen! Just kidding. Kind of. That’s a show I would be right up front for, if i could, but since that’s not likely I would recommend trying to catch Nicolas Jaar to see what he’ll end up doing live. In addition, Kendrick Lamar and the Black Hippy crew are some of the most exciting rappers around right now.

Hot party: Forgive the self-promotion, but The FADER Fort presented by Converse is always completely out of control. I’m really happy/proud to be part of it. In addition, Wednesday night myself, my label partner at Group Tightener Jamie Granato and the dudes of Software and Acephale are hosting an Austin edition of our Tradition party, featuring DJ sets by Alan Braxe and Mike Simonetti, among others. It’s a great roof spot, and the music will be incredible as well.

How to beat the heat: Even though I just went on that whole thing about the rain, it will actually still be decently hot—so it is definitely worth figuring out some sort of good, somewhat reasonable water/booze ratio.

Emilie Friedlander, Ad Hoc

Hot artist: Hubble, the solo guitar project of Ben Greenberg from Zs.

Surviving the heat: I always hang out at Rio Rita on East 6th Street and Navasota to cool off, sip iced coffee and use wifi between shows, though from what I hear of the weather this year, it’ll probably be where I go to warm up!

Caleb Morairty, Yours Truly

Hot artist: Charli XCX

Hot party: YTGVB

Surviving the heat: Don’t wear clothes.

Stacey Wilhelm, SXSW Programmer

What are your top tips for SXSW 2012? Weather is going to be fickle (but I still have hope above hope that we will see our typical sunny afternoons again here) be prepared. Water and vitamin B. Lots of both. Don’t be a wuss, go for the spicy salsa on your tacos. The green chile peppers have tons of nutritional benefits, including being great for hangovers! Keep your schedule organized but loose. The best things at SXSW happen when you deviate from your plans. Try as hard as possible to avoid only trying to see the bands you already know and love. This is about discovery.

Hot artist: I’m loving a lot of the ladies right now. A new local (Austin) all babe group Feathers is getting a ton of interest right now.

Hot party: Can I say the Dummy XO showcase? I believe it to be true!

Surviving the heat: Wearing layers is key. Weather can change drastically, and getting down to as little as possible while still looking cute is key. Best option for super hot days? A dip at Barton Springs followed by margaritas (or shaved ice if you don’t imbibe).

Jamie Granato, Pitchfork TV

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