23.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Independent Label Market photos

On Saturday, leading lights from behind some of the country’s most exciting labels got together on a traditional street market in central London to sell what they’ve made direct to whoever passed by.

Sunny, lively, and less self-congratulatory than one would expect, Independent Label Market was a fun event, and by all in attendance – there were people from Domino, XL, Angular, Moshi Moshi, R&S, Tri Angle, Merok and a load of others – did pretty brisk business. Cheers guys, you’re the best!

Myself and photographer Alice Greaves were, of course, there, spending cash (How To Dress Well’s ‘Love Remains’ special edition, the Lindsey Lohan comp ‘Let Me Shine For You’ and Deptford Goth’s ‘Youth II’, Silver Columns, Christian AIDs 2:54 singles) if you’re curious, or even if you’re not) and taking pictures. Some of which, you can see for yourself in the viewer below.

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