24.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Kindness live at the Arcola Tent, Dalston

Text and images: Charlie Robin Jones

“We’re available for weddings, if you have one coming up”, said Adam Bainbridge two thirds of the way through his performance as Kindness last night. “We need to make the money back for this somehow”, he said, gesturing around the Arcola Tent in Dalston, decked out in palm trees and stuffed with friends, supporters and members of the music industry. He came on stage accompanied by his band and backup singers, wearing patent leather shoes and a tatty tuxedo. He performed his songs – all articulations of disco, R&B, soul and deep dance music, all great – with verve, wit and sincerity.

Music articulates that life is both hard and rich. Pop, good pop, depends on being both smart and fun. Recently, this tension has been lacking – the mainstream lacks brains, the underground misses the joy. Instant, funny, brave, emotional, artful and with great tunes – that’s what we deserve, and don’t seem to have. After seeing Kindness perform, I’m happy to report that the wait may finally be over.

I hurriedly snapped away, and you can see the results below, and buy his debut album ‘World, You need A Change Of Mind’ when it comes out in March.

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