27.06.2012, Words by dummymag

Loose fit – why Madchester fashion was actually totally incredible

This summer sees the reformation of the Mancunian bands Inspiral Carpets, Mondays and the Roses, their music reflected heavily in the loose-fitting style of clothing adapted at the time.

Music in the late 80s in Manchester was beginning to become loose, drum beats and bass becoming becoming infused with hints of psychedelia, and fashion was following closely behind. With bands like The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays creating music that served as the missing link between clean indie-pop like The Smiths and New Order and local acid house and techno artists 808 State and A Guy Called Gerald.

Steering clear of skinny jeans and neatly combed quiffs, the short-lived ‘baggy’ era afforded the ability to dance and sweat and take drugs and dance some more. Ian Brown’s ‘Burning Money’ tee was immortalised in Fools Gold and Raf Simons stuck loose hoodys on the catwalk. Joe Bloggs, oversize Ralph Lauren, sweatshirts, Paisley shirts and huge t-shirts. Once sneered at, from 20 years’ distance we can see baggy as a style as loosely artful and cheekily imaginative as the music. Go on move in it, go on do your bit.

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