08.07.2009, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Moon Unit @ Fabric

It’s hot in London, really hot. Having been cooped up in airless offices all week, the masses have turned out to dance off the heat at Fabric tonight. There’s a good old-fashioned queue round the block for this coming together of London club titans Kill Em All, Bugged Out and Bastard Batty Bass. Inside in Room 2, Stopmakingme is getting the crowd going with ‘Off The Wall’ (respect) while the billowing smoke machine causes temporary blindness. Lost in the white, we crouch on the floor – all the better to see and cause a little ankle pinching mischief. Smoke dispersed, the stage is set for Berlin-based trio Moon Unit, a new band from ex-Psychonaut Paul Mogg, artist/singer Rosalind Blair and producer Xaver Naudascher.

The sonic equivalent of the smoke, they engulf the room in a psychedelic wave of electro beats, seductive synths and live drums. Many layered and thoroughly hypnotic, it’s the perfect foil for Rosalind’s crystal clear, ethereal vocals. In black shorts and white t-shirt, she cuts through the trance-inspiring sound to court enamoured gazes with fluid interpretative dance moves and that truly startling voice. With her grunge aesthetic and otherworldly presence, she’s like a cross between a young Courtney Love and Fever Ray. Recent-ish single ‘Connections’ is the spacey stand out. Then all of a sudden, they’re gone.

Later we catch Brodinski doing frankly obscene things to the energy levels in Room 1. It’s the launch of his Bugged Out compilation Suck My Deck and Fabric are certainly showing him some love. Too right. Sambuca-ed out, home is calling and we’re off.

Photography: Michelle Devilliers

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