Mount Kimbie Live CONS Project Peckham 1
04.08.2014, Words by dummymag

Mount Kimbie live at CONS Project, 28/07/2014

Mount Kimbie played a live set at the CONS Project last week, bringing the curtain down on a 10-week-long programme of music, art, and fashion events and workshops.

As one of the definitive South London bands of recent years, it made sense for Mount Kimbie to do something special for an intimate show on home turf, bringing in visual collaborators Artisan and NOCTE to design an installation that would lessen the gap between audience and performer specifically for this show.

Admittedly, this collaboration didn't seem to be much more than a few extra lights on stage (they were very flashy lights, mind), but for a band who've been on the road for nearly two years touring second album 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth', it's cool to see them try to present things a little differently.

A shame, then, that this immersive experience didn't extent to the sound: it seemed like the only spot in the venue to get any clarity to the band's warm electronics was the toilets.

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