12.04.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Nü Sensae at The Shacklewell Arms, 11/04/13

Text: Sandra Song
Photography: Dmitry Serostanov

Nü Sensae are a Vancouver-based punk act composed of singer/bassist Andrea Lukic, drummer Daniel Pitout and guitarist Brody McKnight. Known for their raw, face-melting noise, the band and their incredible brand of grunge-influenced rage has been compared to everything from a musical time capsule of 90s alternative influences to a whirlwind ride.

Fresh from playing SXSW and in the middle of a month-long tour spanning of the Western United States, the noisy trio are currently embarking on their first European tour. Stream Throw, the latest track from their March split release, read our Q&A with the band and see our gallery of photos from their thrilling appearance at London’s Shacklewell Arms below (click the thumbnails to launch).

Nü Sensae – Throw

Let’s start with the track you guys recently put out on a split with The Coathangers. Can you tell me a little about it?

AL: That song – we didn’t have a lot of time to write a song, but we just kind of pieced it together and recorded it together. [laughs]

So what kind of song is this? Are lines like “I want to give it to you” statements of affection or agitation?

AL: I can’t really say, but I wrote the lyrics over a long period of time but that was before I knew it was a song, and then when we had to make the song, I picked those lyrics because it made sense. So yeah, it’s a secretive song.

How is Throw different from what you did on the Sundowning EP and the split with Useless Eaters you released late last year?

AL: It’s slower tempo wise. I think it’s darker. We’re going places we’ve never been before… [laughs]

So how’s your tour going so far? Aren’t you guys feeling a little drained after 10 SXSW showcases bookended by consecutive tour dates?

DP: Yeah we’re tired, and we ended up playing 12 shows at South By.

12? Did those just get added on?

DP: Yeah, there were 12 in total, we jumped on one of them too. And I’m feeling sick right now, as you can tell. Maybe you can hear from my nose.

AL: We’re all sick.

DP: We’re all sick and tired! Just kidding.

What are you most looking forward to about London? Got a list of things to do?

DP: I have a cute boy in London.

Oh really?

DP: Yeah, so that’s probably what…[laughs] But I used to go as a child a lot and my parents just have an apartment there, so I’m excited to go back to London and see things and walk around.

AL: We’re not looking forward to the food in London. The food in London sucks.

It’s not that bad…

AL: I didn’t find a single good thing to eat there when I was there. Everyone eats, like, mush.

You just need to go to the right places and don’t get the steak and ale pie or spotted dick.

AL: Right, give us some recommendations then, cause I don’t want to be eating slop.

DP: I personally love slop. Let’s see what Brody’s looking forward to.

BM: I think I’m going to go fox hunting.

Suicide Squeeze released Nü Sensae’s split 7” with The Coathangers on the 5th March 2013.

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