29.04.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Odd Future

  • There was a buzz in the air before Odd Future came on. Whatever it is that makes one band the band of the moment is something kind of indescribable, but it was there a few hours ago. Roll your eyes at the hype all you want, but that feeling of being somewhere that feels important, of being there when something totally new is happening is very definite, very exciting thing.
  • Tyler came on in a sweatshirt with “Earl” written on it and a green balaclava, as usual.
  • The DJ, Syd Tha Kyd, came out at the end and waved some Union Jack flags, enjoyed the moment and wandered off. She seemed so much more comfortable behind the decks though, and it’s unsurprising – her DJing was really, really good, and subtle, dropping and cutting up tracks, allowing each visceral, deeply odd beat room to breath but switching as soon as the time was right.
  • Tyler marched and saluted in the background wearing a mask of the Queen.
  • Later, he asked that the crowd back surge forward for Radical (his favourite song, he said).
  • Lots of people crowdsurfed, including the band. Tyler and Left Brain jumped off the speaker stacks and both picked up some kind of injury, with Tyler having to go to hospital afterwards for his foot. He didn’t moan or whine or even stop crowdsurfing, partly because injuries are just things that happen, but mostly because underneath the panto antics, these guys mean it, really.
  • Further proof – they were tight. No raps were dropped, everything slap-bang on time.
  • Having said this, Tyler did seem to be going through the motions a bit. Maybe he was tired.
  • Though they performed behind and waved a cheap Royal Wedding flag, they said “What the fuck is it with this Royal Wedding”, which people laughed at. They also asked people to chant “Kate’s a bitch and Will’s a fag”, which people didn’t seem totally comfortable with, because it’s one thing hearing the words “fag” and “bitch”, or even paying to go to a show where someone will say those words, and another entirely actually saying them.
  • At one point, someone took Tyler’s hat, and he told the crowd: “Fuck. That’s my only hat. Earl gave it me. Who’s got it?”, while Hodgy and Left Brain were like “Not cool dudes. Not cool”, and everyone seemed to agree and look for it. It was like when you’re getting stoned at a friend’s house when their parents are away for the weekend, and someone takes it a bit far and breaks something, and everyone freezes and starts cleaning up. Someone nicked Tyler’s hat – that’s not cool. If you see a green Supreme hat with Posse written on it, let them know.

Odd Future played the Village Underground on the 29th April 2011. XL Recordings will release Tyler, The Creator’s album ‘Goblin’ on the 9th May 2011

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