21.09.2015, Words by Natalie /

Photo report: Letta on Skid Row

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We spoke to Letta for the first time last month ahead his album 'Testimony', set to be the debut full-length release on Coyote Records. An inhabitant of a warehouse on the notorious Skid Row area of Los Angeles – home to the USA's largest mass population of homeless people – Letta shared some photos of his surroundings with us, taken by his friend Gnarly.

Here's what Letta has to say: "These are pictures of a walk through Skid Row, from the outskirts to the middle jungle. We start at 9th St & San Pedro and go down to 5th & San Pedro, where shit is at its worst."

Open the gallery above to read more about Letta's experiences in the district that the Ferrari pushin', lap-dog totin' City of Los Angeles forgets to mention.

Letta's album 'Testimony' is due for release October 9th on Coyote Records.

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