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03.11.2015, Words by Natalie /

"It helps me not take anything music-related too seriously": Dummy meets Mall Grab 

Since the release of his Debut 12″ back in May, Australian producer Mall Grab has been pushing mongo on his release schedule. Following on from the blink-and-you’ve-missed-it ‘Elegy’ 12″ on 1080p and the highly sought after ‘Call U’ 12″ on Canadian label Collect Call he’s finally back – this time reppin’ on a new vinyl only label out of Bristol, Shall Not Fade.

We’re very proud to present an exclusive stream of Happiness, taken from the forthcoming Shall Not Fade debut, ‘Alone’ EP. What’s more, we also managed to catch up with Yung Mall Grab as he sat in his German whip, counting all his guap, to find out what’s being going on with the elusive Australian producer.

Tell us why you choose the name Mall Grab. Do you skate yourself?

Mall Grab: “I have skated almost my entire life, [laughs]. I chose the name initially because I wanted something skateboarding related, but comedic. It helps me not take anything music-related too seriously.”

Tell us about the release on Shall Not Fade – how is it working with the guys there?

Mall Grab: “The release came together nicely. Kieran is super organised and down for the cause. He helped curate what I think is a good follow-up to my first two 12″s, exploring my sound a little more and kicking off this new label well.”

Who do you consider to be your contemporaries in the Australian scene – or who excites you the most out there right now?

Mall Grab: “Way too many to mention, but for all the boring overproduced ableton bullshit that is coming out of Australia there is just as much dope stuff holding it down. There’s tons of great new labels like Salt Mines and people putting on good events.”

What’s your favourite German whip?

Mall Grab: “By far, my favourite German whip is a 95′ M3. BMW 4 life.”

If you could DJ in any outfit imaginable (with no monetary boundaries) what would you wear?

Mall Grab: “I would probably get plastic surgery to look like Steve Aoki so I could throw cake at people and spray them with champagne and shit. It would be pretty funny, especially getting paid for it.”

Mall Grab’s ‘Alone’ EP drops December 2nd on Shall Not Fade (pre-order).

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