03.02.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Rare pictures of J-Dilla's home studio

In more J-Dilla commemoration news, UK hip hop collective/promoters Doctor’s Orders posted these three rare photos of the revered hip hop producer’s first home studio on their blog yesterday, with the following:

“These are super super rare pictures of James ‘J-Dilla’ Yancey’s Studio while recording ‘Like Water For Chocolate’ with Common. I came across these while helping Pete from BBE records (pictured alongside Dilla in the top photo) move house and he kindly let me take copies. This is Dilla’s first home studio in Detroit and in the last pic you can actually see Common sitting with his back to camera.”

Doctor’s Orders are throwing three ‘J-Dilla Changed My Life’ events this weekend to commemorate his passing in February 2006 with all proceeds going to the J-Dilla Foundation and Lupus UK. Full details here.

Click the photos to enlarge.

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