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22.11.2018, Words by dummymag

WSTRN’s Islington show was a celebration of the UK rap scene’s excellence

Bringing out a wealth of guests, the duo got in their zone...

On Tuesday night, WSTRN brought their colourful R&B sound to Islington Assembly Hall for a sold-out headline show.

Calling on a host of guests from the best of the UK rap scene including One Acen, Ambush, Unknown T, Avelino and more, the duo’s show was a celebration of the burgeoning sounds of the UK right now.

Having recently dropped their heatedly-received ‘DOU3LE 3AK’ mixtape, the West London outfit (now a duo, after Akelle, WSTRN’s original third member, unexpectedly went to prison last year) ran through a host of fan favourites including ‘In2’, the Alkaline-featuring ‘Txtin’, and their newest smash, ‘Sharna’.

The duo also paid tribute to their missing member on stage, playing a recording of his vocals.

Photographers Kaylum Dennis and Calvin Ceile were down at the show – check out their snaps in the gallery above.

WSTRN’s ‘DOU3LE 3AK’ is out now – stream it here.

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