28.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

'-7°C, 5:41PM' mix from No Pain In Pop

Text: Charlie Robin Jones

In the great blog explosion of 2006-10, few head their own quite like the south east London-based No Pain In Pop. Consistently about six months ahead of the pack, whether it was on the eery bass of post-dubstep or the sleepy appeal of h-pop, they tend to lead, and do so with integrity, and a second-to-none quality control. Their label, likewise, has offered a home to some of the most exciting musicians in London and beyond, with Grimes, patten, Nite Jewel, Health, A Grave With No Name and Forest Swords among residents and refugees. It’s, quite frankly, the sort of institution that emo-leaning music journalists tend to gasp about, and their latest gift to the world, a simple of sad, pretty songs by mainly solo artists is quite wonderful, and very essential listening.

I dropped Tom King from NPIP a quick note about the mix, and this is how he explained it:

“I’m doing some contracted work out here at a music festival and moved at the end of January. I’ve got a place with a view of the CN Tower (the photo I posted) and know a fair few people so I’m having a really positive experience. I was here for 6 months last year and over that period we released Grimes & Doldrums from Canada so I guess it’s proving worthwhile for the label. And, though apparently this winter has been very mild, it does get that cold after sundown.

Mix is about “losing things, even weekends” and is part of a series of layered ambient/traditional tracks I’ve been doing.”

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