09.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Ayshay's Fact Mix

Tri Angle signing Ayshay undoubtedly released one of the year’s most beguiling EPs. ‘Warn-U’ is arresting, Fatima Al Qadiri’s vocals bents out of shape, chanting in Arabic, accompanied by a striking musical backdrop of warped sounds both beautiful and sinister. It’s startlingly atmospheric, a blend of Arabic culture, Western pop and experimental sounds unlike anything else.

Her new mix for Fact is as intriguing and odd as anything else she’s released so far. It’s subtitled Ayshay’s Surrender mix, and is apparently dedicated to “the Fade to Mind crew (Kingdom, Mike Q, etc), Dave Qualm, Azizaman and DJ Rashad and Spinn’s Ghettoteknitianz clique”. The rough exuberance of footwork and ballroom works well in tandem with her manipulations of Islamic traditional music, and the entire thing is, if not one of the best mixes of the year, definitely one of the strangest.

You can listen and download it here.

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