16.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 112 // March Staff Mix

Text: Charlie Robin Jones & Zara Wladawsky

1. CFCFExercise #3 (Buildings)

A gliding, twinkling start to the mix, from Canada’s CFCF, who will be releasing his Exercise mini album this month. Playing this song on public transport makes one feel like an important cog in a beautiful machine, which we all are, I suppose. [CRJ]

2. LucyEstragon

Gaseous techno from Lucy, one of the stars of a terrific album out on none-more-German German techno label Stroboscopic Artefacts. [CRJ]

3. JozifLady B’s Serenade

I was listening to Jozif’s upcoming EP and was very pleasantly surprised by this rather un-Jozif sounding piece. The already great dance music producer is stepping into new territory with this guitar led piece, and he’s doing a fantastic job of it as well. [ZW]

4. Sun Araw, M. Geddes, GengrassHappy Song

Both Charlie and I picked this as one of our staff mix tunes. The latest FRKWYS is brimming with Sun Ra vibes. So cosmic. So good. [ZW]

5. Dean Blunt and Inga CopelandTrack 11

More mutant transmissions, live and direct, from the Hype Williams camp. Pretty doesn’t come close to describing it. [CRJ]

6. Evian ChristMYD

One of the tracks that has been played most in the Dummy office, from when it was a Youtube with one view to now, part of a 40,000x downloaded mixtape. New material will emerge from the producer on Tri Angle shortly, and keep your eyes peeled for some exclusive niceness from the guy soon. [CRJ]

7. Kwes.Bashful

Another chap we’re rather smug for covering early is synaesthetic London producer / singer / songwriter Kwes, channelling cLOUDDEAD and Robert Wyatt like he’s painting my teenage years on this, his debut for Warp. [CRJ]

8. BreYBengala

A storming first single from the hotly tipped London producer finally releasing the sort of funky jams we’ve been waiting for. [CRJ]

9. 2562Jerash Hekwerken

The mighty producer 2562 ended up creating a concept EP featuring field recordings from a trip to Jordan that owes as much to ambient music and dub techno as his signature, more club-centric sound. Not all that far away from industrial darkness of the Perc Trax family at times, which makes for an incredibly great listen. [ZW]

10. KindnessSEOD

The other track that Charlie and I both chose. I daresay the Kindness album hasn’t left either of our ears since we got a copy of it. This epic track was originally a b-side late last year, but comes into its own where it’s placed towards the end of the album. I cannot wait to see them at SXSW this week!! [ZW]

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