26.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 118 // LHF

LHF, a shadowy London-based crew of DJs and producers, first flashed up on my radar thanks to a recommendation from 20 Jazz Funk Greats over a year ago. Their music, released through Keysound and less official transmissions, is one of the most intriguing ideas in London’s thriving, seething underground – the sound of 20 years of pirate radio, from speed garage skipping pulse to grime brooding tension to dubstep’s tectonic pressure, combined with the shadowy aesthetics of some Victorian theophilosophical secret society who are really into ancient Egyptian stuff.

Their music is a thrilling as their concept, and their new double album ‘Keepers Of The Light’ is as complete a statement of simple hooks, throbbing basslines and squealing oddness as you could hope for. It’s an esoteric love letter as compelling as any you’ll hear this year, a record soaked in the occult pathways of the town they call home, a journey of discovery through strata of lost knowledge. I am delighted to present their mix, packed with exclusives, to aid you on your walks around your town, where-ever that might be.

Hi! I love the mix. Can you tell me a bit about it? How much of this is exclusive?

All these tracks are exclusive, couple of them are on the album but as with all our mixes, most are unreleased tunes.

Who are you particularly into at the moment?

At the moment I am revisiting a lost classic on big dada records called permanament by gamma. I’m excited to hear the new actress ting which I haven’t had a chance to listen to yet.

There’s a lot of a notes and references to London pirate radio music in your music. What’s your favourite lost classic?

Hmmm it’s difficult, probably at the moment it’s all about this Dub Monsters track called Sweet Thang. Purely for the memory of one of my chewed up pirate radio tapes from way back. We got it on vinyl now though so I’m happy.

I really like the references to ancient civilisations and hidden knowledge. What is your favourite ancient civilisation and why?

The really early periods of Egyptian civilisation interest me just because I believe they may have had superior knowledge to us. Ancient civilisations in general were much more in tune with the earth which of course would make them much wiser than our civilisation as the earth as a system seems pretty perfect to me so anyone in touch with that would lead a more harmonious life. The Egypt we’ve learnt about isn’t quite the same, with time things are lost, knowledge and truth become distorted. Just look at what they be calling dubstep these days 🙂

What are you most excited about at the moment?

Im most excited by the times we’re living in. The fake-ness is being shown for what it is, institutions are crumbling and we as a people are journeying towards the centre of our being, we’re almost being forced to. I’m excited that new ways of life will inevitably come to the fore.

Dummy mix 118 // LHF by Dummymag on Mixcloud


Double Helix feat Low Density Matter- Crystallised Vision
Amen Ra- Tandava
Low Density Matter- On the Wind
Low Density Matter- Hearts and Minds
Low Density Matter- Questions
Low Density Matter- Blue Steel
Amen Ra- Oracle
Amen Ra- Close the Gap
Double Helix- Bats In A Cave
Amen Ra vs No Fixed Abode- Mind Snatch
Double Helix- Perceptions of Reality 2012
Amen Ra vs No Fixed Abode- Alchemy Trials 1
Amen Ra- High Street
Amen Ra- Fertile Terrains
Octaviour vs Double Helix and Low Density Matter- Octagonal Visions
Octaviour vs Amen Ra – Shattered

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