24.10.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Dummy Mix 187 // Trumpet & Badman

Unknown to the Unknown boss DJ Haus recently teamed up with UKG and Bassline don DJ Q for the truly grin-inducing and hip-shaking Trumpet & Badman collaboration. Taking inspiration from classic Jersey house and garage, as well as the sounds of Ibiza, Dubai and Marbella, the pair’s 'Love Keeps Changing' EP is a perfect mix of booze- and sun-soaked nostalgia—or as the duo put it in our Q&A below, it’s one that’s “strictly for the ladies.”

Mixed by both DJ Haus and DJ Q, Trumpet & Badman’s hour-plus long Dummy Mix showcases the pair’s sexed-up garage vibe perfectly, with selections ranging from the classic (like Pal Joey) to the contemporary (Palace, Mista Men, and Bicep), all with a sizeable helping of bump ‘n’ flex. Check the mix out in the player above, download it here, and be sure to peruse our Q&A with the pair below.

How did the two of you get together and start making music?

Trumpet & Badman: "Through DJ Q releasing music on Unknown to the Unknown we realised we have a shared love of old school house that had saxophones in it so we decided to do a 12” of that vibe of music."

What's the inspiration for the name, Trumpet & Badman? 

Trumpet & Badman: "Hmm, it’s just a classic sounding garage name, like Cheese & Pickle or Shanks & Bigfoot… hahaha."

Can you sum up the Trumpet & Badman sound and inspirations?

Trumpet & Badman: "MK's use of saxophones, a lot of the old Jersey garage records that had horn instruments in them."

Tell us a bit about this mix. 

Trumpet & Badman: "It’s just a mix of sexed out thug houz jams that you'd hear at a Trumpet & Badman club night. Strictly for the ladies, house garage vibes."

Are Trumpet & Badman going to keep collaborating? What's next for you two?

Turmpet & Badman: "Another 12" for Hot Haus is in the works, plus we've had some remix offers but we'll see about that kind of thing later."

Where would your dream T&B club night be held?

Trumpet & Badman: "DUBAI!"


Trumpet & Badman – I Got The Love

Toyboy & Robin – Everything You Want

Montel – Can't Go Wrong

Shadow Dancer – Hydrate

Mista Men – All Of You

Pal Joey & Earth People – Reach Up To Mars (Martian Remix)

Bicep – Courtside Drama

KODIAK –  Dragon Drop (Eliphino Remix)

Trumpet & Badman – Love Keeps Changing

Leftwing & Kody – You Were (Original Mix)

Steve Poindexter – Happy Stick

Sinden – Ring Around The Moon

KODIAK –  Egyptian Kings

Trumpet & Badman – Go

Walter Ego – Heaven

Blake Baxter – Touch Me

Steve Poindexter – Chillin With The P

Trumpet & Badman – Bang Dis

Daniel Bell & DBX – Losing Control

Palace – Astral

Celeda & Danny Tenaglia – Music Is The Answer

Pal Joey & Earth People – Dance (Club Mix)

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