07.12.2009, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 20 // Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires have been tearing up American on tour with The xx this last couple of weeks. To give them a break between the ham sandwiches (read the interview), we asked Jack Savidge and Ed Macfarlane to rustle us up this Dummy Mix (download it on the right). Jack looks after the jackin’ intro and Ed take over halfway through.

So, tell us about your mix?

The first half has got a few golden oldies and a few golden newies. It starts off quite classic house-y then get into some more up-to-date sounds.

Is it reflective of the music you all listen to on tour? 

More or less… 

How does playing other people’s records compare to playing your own live? 

Totally apples and oranges. DJing is more improvisational; trying to create tension and release over a long period of time using the music you have available to you. Playing live is obviously rehearsed, but you have to vary how you play within that structure to optimise the show for the venue, crowd etc.

Who are your favourite DJs?

Andrew Weatherall, Michael Mayer, Ata, Ricardo Villalobos.

What’s your favourite colour?


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