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Dummy Mix 293 // Maurice Alexander

A silent member of forward thinking Manchester clubbing institution Hoya:Hoya, a fixture at a majority of Swing Ting's parties, the brawn behind photogenic label Cold Tonic and a producer in his own right, Maurice Alexander is doing the damn thing. Recently upping sticks from Manchester to London, he's been doing the rounds with disco and boogie impresario Krystal Klear, releasing his debut EP 'Welcome To Pleasure' which cemented his status as 'the last of the famous international playboys'. KK & MA Are In Rio is jilted piano led roof raiser, followed by Gerd Janson's Tuff City Kids getting the rave sirens flashing on the flip with T.C.K Go To Rio. Leave the high heels at home.

To wrap up a successful year, Alexander slid into our DMs with a turn-of-the-day mix ripe for party freaks and disco dons that whisks up genres effortlessly like egg white peaks in a delicious meringue, melting way into some chilled out sound towards the end – most notably Karizma's definition of twinkling house, Tha D.

Listen to MA's mix below and read his interview after the jump which gives a little background on his year so far (lots of fine wine) and where he would drive whilst listening to this mix (it's exotic).

Hi Maurice Alexander – how's the year been for you?
Maurice Alexander: "Hey there Dummy! Yeah 2015's been good! I moved to London, met some amazing people, ate some delicious food and drank some fine wine. I can't really complain all that much."

Have you gotten back from Rio yet? How was the release for you?
Maurice Alexander: "We didn't actually make it there, it was more of a homage to someone more so than the place. I did have this grand idea to throw a party in the Rio's in Kentish Town which is apparently London's leading naturist health spa.. but their no pant's policy might of deterred some people. I'm really happy with how the release got received and the little launch party we did at Phonica Records couldn't of been better, Gerd Janson and Philip Lauer (TCK) were in town so we just played some records and had a good laugh! Shouts to Phonica!"

Tell us a little bit more about this mix – was it recorded with a mood in mind or do you think it fits a certain situation well?
Maurice Alexander: "This mix is kind of a sped up soundtrack to a night out or a great party. I'll leave it up to the listeners interpretations but every track kinda tells a story from getting ready to go out to getting back into bed. I recorded the mix at home on a Friday night. I couldn't turn the monitors on because we get far too many noise complaints as it is, so I just did it through the headphones along side a bottle of Chåteau De Beaucastel. I had a great time!"

Are there any percy's in there, exclusives or stand out tracks?
Maurice Alexander: "That's like picking who's your favourite child no? The first 2 tracks are massive percy's of mine, even though they couldn't be more different, Ones on Awful Records and the others on Minimal Wave…I love the last song as well, I listen to it a lot on public transport and it kind of reminds me of an old Chicane song or something. It also feels pretty festive. Ho ho ho."

If you could drive down any road or area in any car (no monetary restrictions here) listening to this mix what would you choose? Night or day?
Maurice Alexander: "It would definitely be a night, I prefer the night time. For the road I'd go for, Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I lived there up until I was 16 and have't been back since, so that would be a trip. As for car, It would have to be a early to mid '90s BMW 3 Series. I have a bizarre fondness towards those cars."

If you could go back in time to any era and throw a party when/where would you choose and what would be the line up?
Maurice Alexander: "If I could relive any party, it would be the last Hoya:Hoya at the Roadhouse in Manchester. That club was really important to me so if I could go there again, I would in a heartbeat. The line up was incredible that night. Illum Sphere brought out the big guns and reduced the club to tears at one point. But seeing as this is my fantasy, I guess I'd like to have checked out The Paradise Garage or even the Hacienda in its hey day, mainly to see what all the fuss was about. As for the line up it'd be Jimi Hendrix (Jungle Set), Kurt Cobain (All Vinyl), Sid B2B Nancy followed by a set from Jon K and Swing Ting to get the job done!"

Any famous last words or stuff on the horizon?
Maurice Alexander: "I've got loads on the horizon! Where do I start? Cold Tonic will be back in the new year with a really good record that I can't wait for people to hear. I'll have some of my own stuff hitting the shelves of your favourite record store in the not so distant future and then the forthcoming gigs should be fun. The next one is in Bristol next week which is a Don't Be Afraid x Cold Tonic Christmas Party featuring Neville Watson, Krystal Klear, Semtek and my bad self! I'll be photocopying my arse without a doubt. As for the new year, I plan on continuing meeting amazing people, eating delicious food and drinking fine wine."

Maurice Alexander's debut release 'Welcome To Pleasure' is out now on Cold Tonic (buy).

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