02.09.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 42 // How To Dress Well

In a year that’s seen many artists – from Ariel Pink to Nike7up to Darkstar – poke at the underbelly of pop music, twisting it into ever weirder forms, none has approached the sounds of now (and then) with the emotional weight and distorted energy of How To Dress Well.

Just a few digital releases old, he’s found his feet through his radical reworkings of contemporary R&B’s sonic template, taking the patterns of Radio Disney love songs, swingbeat, and rap, and transforming them into heartwrenching hyperballads. Lefse will be bringing his album, ‘Love Remains’ out in the States later this month, and Transparent brought out his 7”, Ecstasy With JoJo / Take It On on the 30th August.

How’s life?

How’s life? Life is fragile and incredibly ethereal. Lost my best friend recently, which is really hard.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?

The mix is a summer banger collection, basically— i made it before my summer took this dark turn. The Azari and Third cut is just the MOTHERFUCKING JAM though. it’s eternal. no questions asked.

What does it tell you about your music?

The mix ought to indicate that the nature of my music – i.e. that it’s both super moody, somber, very detailed and also very noisy and at times rather r&b or dance-y – comes from all the types of tunes i like to listen to or throw in one mix.

Can you tell us a bit about your EP, and further plans?

2010 is a big year: 2 7“s (Ready For The World [Lefse] and Ecstasy With Jojo / Take It On [Transparent]) and a full length LP (‘Love Remains’ drops on lefse on the 21st of September!).

2011 will be big too. got an EP in the works, a bunch of music for free release through my blog, and some shows…. very excited for a forthcoming video project too. Mmm.

What’s your favourite colour?


Transparent releases How To Dress Well’s 7” Ecstasy With JoJo / Take It On on the 30th August 2010. Lefse will release his album ‘Love Remains’ on the 21st September 2010


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