21.10.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 49 // Jacques Renault

Jacques Renault grew up in Washington DC where he immersed himself in the post-punk scene, and moved to Chicago to study viola at university. Instead he fell in love with the city’s rich history in dance music and became a buyer at the well-known Gramaphone Records. His exposure to house brought him to its origins in disco, and by 2002 Jacques was a New York City resident spinning classic disco, funk and boogie around the city. Over the past eight years he has released some of the genres’ biggest hits like Brooklyn Club Jam as the duo Runaway with collaborator Marcos Cabral, and this summer’s disco jam, his remix of Midnight Magic’s Beam Me Up. He’s held residencies and put on some of NYC’s best nights at venues like APT and 205, and has played all sorts of London parties ranging from Dalston warehouses for Love Fever to Ministry of Sound.

How’s it going?

I’m doing well, staying busy. The weather is nice here in NYC. Autumn, my favorite time of year..

Can you please describe the mix?

It’s a variety of a few different things, kind of like how I DJ. I started with some slower fun sunshine jams and built it up a little. would be safe to say it’s a mood mix for the moment..

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

Well I’ve been working a lot in the studio for the past few months, both on Runaway stuff with Marcos as well as my own personal stuff. So a bunch is coming out now and I’ve got a few DJ gigs lined up, here in the states as well abroad. And more time in the studio!

What is the disco/party scene in NYC like right now? Do you think there is, or will be, another 205 Tuesdays type night?

Nothing will quite be like what’s in the past, but there are always new things to try to create. Lots of people are doing special things, from Will doing a Hacienda night, Harkin & Carter with Mister Saturday Night, Jason Drummond from Rong, and then the techno scene is booming. Brooklyn is great at the moment. Even I’m doing my own warehouse event with my friend Nik Mercer called “Let’s Play House.” It’s been great so far with people like Horse Meat Disco, Morgan Geist, DJ Spun, Runaway, Prince Language, Justin V, The Rapture, Rub n Tug to name a few, all being a part of it…

Tune that you’ve been playing a lot lately?

Well, a tune that I’m really into at the moment is the new Storm Queen / Morgan Geist 12” on Environ Records. It’s a killer…

Best slice of pizza in NYC?

Ahhh was just talking about this! Rosario’s in the LES was my destination spot for so many years. Now it’s just different and there are more / better places. Lanonna in Williamsburg is my fav at the moment and Roberta’s in Bushwick is pretty good these days too…

RVNG Intl. released CFCF’s “The River” EP with Jacques’ remix of Frozen Forest on October 12


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