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30.01.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 534 // Morgan Hislop

"Deserves to be played loud - perfect for distraction from last-minute tax return hell."

You know the phrase: jack of all trades, master of none? Well, it doesn’t apply to Morgan Hislop, who’s a creative in every sense of the word; a master of various disciplines. A gifted visual artist, who recently exhibited at the Tate Britain, he’s also firmly established a name for himself as a producer of future facing sounds, as well as a DJ who can comfortably tear up a dancefloor.

At the end of last year the London-based artist dropped a seriously good EP on Moveltraxx, including the NAINA collaboration ‘My Shadow Is Always With Me‘ (which made it into our best tracks of 2018 list). Fans of that pairing will be pleased to know they’ll be reuniting to go b2b at Moveltraxx’s Valentines Day party.

“This mix – rough and ready – compiles a lot of the jams I have loved to play out recently,” Morgan says. “High energy and full of some of my favourite producers at the moment; as well as a few stand-out tracks from the Moveltraxx catalogue. Deserves to be played loud – perfect for distraction from last-minute tax return hell.”

Immensely fun, colourful, and bursting with dancefloor energy, Morgan Hislop pieces together R&B edits with Jersey club chops. Tune in now, and check the tracklist after the jump.

Janet Jackson – Play Selection
Jacques Greene – To Say (Matthew Herbert’s Don’t Say Dub feat. Zilla)
Astrolith – Carry On feat. Cakes Da Killa, TT the Artist, Spank Rock, Vince Clark)
Lauren Flax & Tigga Calore – Earthquake
Quay Dash – Queen Of This Shit
Neana & Jessy Lanza – Chillax
Jimmy Edgar – Burn So Deep feat. DAWN
Machinedrum – Tell U feat. Rochelle Jordan (Chambray Remix)
DJJ – Just a lil (Suda Remix)
Be3k – Telekuntx (Creep$ide Remix)
Morgan Hislop – Bruised Peach
Alex Autajon – III
Antwood – Triggered
Martyn Bootyspoon – Ease U
Detroit’s Filthiest – I’m a Pro
Lemonick – Wheelspin
Elkka – Control (Elisa Bee Remix)
Mistareez – Curb Queen (Bleaker Remix)
Gingy – RAPT feat. Starving Yet Full
Househead Samira – Pop Your Back
Finn – Who This Is (It’s Pi)
Sharda – Meet Me Halfway
Alex Autajon & Morgan Hislop – KTM
Lemonick – Stab
TryTry – Second Sweep
Ciara – Sorry (Onlytom Remix)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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