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31.03.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Dummy Mix 631 | Kassian

"This mix is a reflection of what we're feeling at the moment and the direction we're heading in as artists..."

The production duo of Warren Cummings and Joe Danvers have covered an impressive amount of ground in the London rave scene in just 3 years. Since 2019 when they first officially began making music together, Kassian‘s exploration of house and electronica has since splintered into an exciting bevvy of after-hours dance sounds they can rightly call their own.

Running with the momentum they have picked in the build up to their forthcoming ‘Chance Is Our Greatest Ally’ EP, out April 15, the boys are now focused on platforming emerging talent within their local underground scene, whilst also creating a home for their own output via their new imprint, Faux Poly.

Ahead of their label launch party at Peckham’s recently opened venue The Carpet Shop this April 23, the pair have toasted the latest in our Dummy mix series: “With the launch of our label Faux Poly, we’re actively pushing our own boundaries in terms of blending genres and moods that have the right energy. This mix is a reflection of what we’re feeling at the moment and the direction we’re heading in as artists.”

Big Miz – Club Beat 3 (Original MIx)
Hassan Abou Alam – It Spills
Thoma Bulwer – Puma Print
Ste Roberts – Diego’s Mad Hour
KTM – Aggression
Wooj – Real Shit
Planningtorock – Gay Dreams Do Come True (Kassian Remix)
Justin Jay – The Oracle
Saturday Night Rush – My Yout
Dubfire – Sound Bath (Will Clarke Remix)
Ryan Clover – Stay By My Side
Nikki Nair – Way Of The World
Liebus – Baile Bias
Glaskin – Slim Line
Kassian – Akkala Falls

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Purchase tickets for the Faux Poly label launch party here.

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