07.07.2011, Words by Aimee Cliff

Dummy Mix 79 // Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds’ music takes bedroom production large-scale. His track Grins (which you can download here) is a sweeping, sultry-synth-infused statement, twinkling vocals brushing up against sounds deep and widescreen. The Canada-based producer is releasing a 7” on Transparent Records this month, so familiarise yourself with him by downloading this, his first mix, which lifts the lid on his intriguing, “sparsely lit, wet and grainy” sound.

Blood Diamonds – Dummy mix 79 by BloodDiamonds

How’s it going?

Awesome! Hanging out in downtown’s Pigeon Park. Trying not to get sun burnt. Some girl asked me if I wanted to use her sunscreen. I love people in general.

Can you please tell us a bit about the mix?

This is a mix that should be played at a wave-less beach on a warm summer night with strangers. I’ve included Purity Ring and Grimes, who are some Canadian babes I’m super excited about.

What did you get up to for Canada Day?

Broke ground on a game project with some friends, then proceeded to partake in the Vancouver wide sport of “holiday street wondering”.

Tell us about your new 7” out on Transparent this month

Grins and Move the Stars are both the equivalent of night shots on the beach, sparsely lit, wet and grainy. This is also the feeling that materialized the mix.

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

I’m excited for a Blood Diamonds show this month in Vancouver with CFCF, Teendaze, and Babe Rainbow, it should be fantastic. Also hitting up NYC and Miami August 26th and 27th. As far as releases go, a single with a certain rap group should drop around September and an EP on The Pop Manifesto around a little later.

Transparent Records release Blood Diamonds’ 7” ‘Grins/Move the Stars’ in August 2011


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