09.11.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 98 // Sun Araw

Sun Araw is the alias of Cameron Stallones, an LA-based musician whose music recalls blasted heath psyche and hypnotic melodies long buried in ancient sands. Though pressing records from his SoCal home for several years previous, Sun Araw came to our attention around the release of ‘On Patrol’, and album of extraordinary, dizzying texture and mild-melting dub. His release this summer of the classically themed ‘Ancient Romans’ confirms his places as one of today’s most immaginative, far-out seekers, and we are delighted to share this mix with you. Its title is SUN ARAW vs. HEATWAVE – Heartical Don on the Midnight Train to Flatbush and it is great.

Dummy mix 98: Sun Araw by DummyMag

How’s it going?

Pupal stage. Can you feel it?

Can you please tell us a bit about the mix?

Dub and Dancehall, mostly records I got in hurricane-soaked Flatbush, a few I got in St. Catherine, Jamaica. SUN ARAW spun wax while HEATWAVE does live synth/drum machines/chops, laid to cassette.

How do you create a song?

Everything is generated from improvisations, then edited and overdubbed. There’s an attempt to remove intention from the generative parts of it, and then flood with intention in the ornamental stage.

What other artists have been expanding your universe in 2011?

Rene Hell sets are getting pretty gnarly lately.

What’s coming up for you in the next few months?

Biggest news and most relevant is the drop of DPY001, the first DUPPY GUN PRODUCTIONS 12”. It’s dancehall stuff that Ged and I recorded n St. Catherine with some local guys while we were working with The Congos. That’s coming in about a week or two. There will be a series of singles, all available at THE SHOP and in stores. Sun Araw/M. Geddes Gengras and The Congos album is coming in February I think. Also soon is SUN ARK EDIT BAY #1 which is Aristocrat P. Child disco cassette edits, and a tape of some Sun Araw lo-fi home recordings.


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