12.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

FACT's Nite Jewel mix

FACT Magazine’s mix series is one of the better online, and this morning they picked up another enviable exclusive with Nite Jewel. Romana Gonzalez, whose terrific album One Second Of Love was released last week, owes a great deal to the soft textures and emotional content of night-time AOR and 80s R&B, which influences a great deal of her elegantly titled AOR&B mix. Many will be justifiably tired of the great yacht rock revival of recent years, but in her hands, the music of Daryl Hall and Steely Dan is turned into delicately unnerving and emotionally thrusting sound. Made with her collaborator (and Haunted Graffiti guitarist) Cole MGN, it’s an interesting glance into the sounds of this unique artist.

Peg | Tim Heintz
Follow My Heart | Sebastian
Angela | Vitamin Z
Hawaiian Excursion | Antomar
Seabird | Alessi Brothers
Something in 4/4 Time | Daryl Hall
Someone to Love | F-R David
Canyons | Wally Badarou
Aijia | Jim Rodrigues
Stars Won’t Fall Down | Mubare
Tall Lady | Thomas Morton
Just Another Way | Marshal Fields
Something DaM-FunK sent me
My Rules | B.T.A.
Nice Girls | Eye to Eye
Haitian Divorce | Steely Dan
Kiss Me Now | Wally Badarou

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