22.03.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Gerv from LV's OKZHARP mix

OKZHARP, which loosely translates as Cape Town slang for ‘okay, sure’, is the name of Gerv Gordon of Hyperdub trio LV’s new-ish South African house music side project. The project surfaced in an embryonic state when Martin ‘Blackdown’ Clark interviewed Gerv back in 2010 following a musically mind expanding trip back home to Gerv’s native Cape Town. Having since travelled extensively around South Africa, soaking up the thrilling local house music scene, he has plenty more stories and lots of interesting stuff up his sleeves that he’s not revealing just yet. However, he has put together a thoroughly jacking mix of South African house, footwork and more for local London night Wifey, which is streamable below. Or download it here for on-the-go vibes.

Catch OKZHARP at Wifey at the Alibi (event details) on Friday 30th March 2012

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