11.06.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Hear new Cooly G, Morgan Zarate and more in Kode9's 1Xtra guest mix

Kode9 quickly stopped off at MistaJam’s radio show on the weekend and played some fresh stuff from his label Hyperdub: including Ikonika’s latest single Beach Mode, his own Ok/Uh, plus unreleased goodies from Morgan Zarate, Cooly G and DJ Rashad. The excitement clearly went to the head of the DJ himself, who was particularly wanton with his drops throughout his mix. No shame in that though, having and playing new music is great and we all get a bit carried away sometimes. Stream Kode9’s guest mix below:


Kode9 – Uh
Ikonika – Beach Mode (feat. Jessy Lanza)
DJ Tiga – Take Control
Cooly G – Hold Me
Helix – Stacks Riddim
Morgan Zarate – Tayco
Morgan Zarate – Ciara Boot
Morgan Zarate – Katz
Kode9 – Ok
Lady Lykez – Eugh
Kode9 – Xingfu Lu
DJ Rashad, Spin & Taso – Only One I Need
Taso – LA Beezy
DJ Die – 1000 Soul Songs (Addison Groove Remix) (feat. Jenna G)
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Uneno

Kode9 also took charge of the latest in Rinse’s mix CD series: ‘Rinse: 22’, it’s out now

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