Hudson mohawke slow jams VII
14.02.2014, Words by dummymag

Hudson Mohawke shares Chapter VII of his Valentine's Slow Jams Mixes

In what's soon set to become as part of tradition as red roses and chocolate boxes, resident love guru Hudson Mohawke has shared Chapter VII in his series of Valentines Slow Jams mixes.

This addition features feel-good schmaltz from Five Star (who later are almost gunned down in raids of Saint Valentines Day Massacre-style shots), sax licks of the highest order on Bobby Caldwell's Let It Be Me, and the king himself: Luther Vandross. 

Download the mix via Soundcloud, or over on HudMo's website. As was noted last year, Lucky My have now gathered all the mixes into one handy playlist, so you're now free to spend February 14th gorging on love-drenched sweetness. Or, in the words of the man himself: "Go forth and fornicate!!!!"


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