16.04.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Ikonika's mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM

Since settling into her new Saturday night slot on XFM, Mary Anne Hobbs has continued to spread the gospel of underground dance music, breaking new artists and providing a platform for the evolution of established UK acts. On Saturday just gone it was the turn of London producer Ikonika to take the guest mix reins with a set almost entirely made up of brand spanking new Ikonika productions forthcoming on Hum + Buzz, the label she runs with Optimum. It’s been a wait but, damn, has it been worth it: there’s a pace and urgency here that thrills, an energy that burns and just so much life. Listen back here – Ikonika’s guest mix kicks in just after the one hour mark. “She really is a goddess in my world,” says Mary Anne Hobbs halfway through, and that’s from a woman who knows.

Ikonika’s guest mix tracklist

Ikonika Take Pictures
Ikonika Catch Vibes
Ikonika With Your Mouth
Ikonika Cold Soaking
Optimum Afterglow (Dubplate)
Ikonika PR812
Ikonika I Make Lists

Ikonika’s new EP ‘I Make Lists’ is coming soon on Hum + Buzz

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