22.11.2012, Words by dummymag

James Ferraro - 'No Regrets' Mixtape for KCRW

We have a lot of love for James Ferraro here – he’s probably one of the most interesting artists operating right now, even if he’s not not necessarily the most listenable – but no matter what he does, you’ll feel the need to second guess it. With his most recent album ‘Sushi’, more time was spent looking for a clever concept behind the whole thing rather than just listening to it as music, and in the end the whole thing was relatively straightforward (which, in itself, was the least straightforward thing he could’ve done).

On a new mixtape titled No Regrets that he’s provided for California’s powerhouse radio station KCRW, Ferraro provides 33 minutes and 33 seconds of atmospheric orchestral, choral and synth-string music. As ever, it’s a total curveball, one that apparently includes some of his own music, and as seems to be second nature when dealing with Ferraro now, you may be determined to find an angle with the whole thing. But is there one? Listen to the mix below and decide for yourself.

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