Joakim Bambaataa
07.08.2013, Words by dummymag

Joakim plays from Afrika Bambaataa's record collection

Afrika Bambaataa recently donated his record collection to the Hip Hop Collection at New York's Cornell University, and before those records enter the archives for good, they've been presented as an open archive at gallery Gavin Brown's Enterprise. While on public display, musicians and DJs were invited to visit the gallery and play music from Bambaataa's vast collection, and one of those artists was Joakim.

On July 23rd, Joakim sorted through the records, picked the ones he felt were special and spun for an hour. Wanting to keep a memento of the experience, he recorded the set on all that was available to him – his mobile phone. As such, the sound quality isn't perfect, but you can still hear records by the likes of Rappers Rapp Group, Manchester electro outfit 52nd Street and the Junkyard Band's go-go classic The Word. Stream it in the player above.

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