02.08.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Kassem Mosse live in Toulouse

In an increasingly calcifying scene, Kassem Mosse’s bravely and fluidly represents many of the internal contradictions of deep house / techno – indebted to the past pointing out new directions for astral travel, sincere yet humourous, artful yet body-based, cerebral yet spiritual, he is probably Theo Parrish’s most worthy successor as a sound technician. His set at Field Day was a highlight of the day, and this recording of a liveshow in Toulouse labelled “SEMISUNNYSATURDAYAFTERNOONSPECIAL_TRACKS’N‘OVERDUBS’N‘JAMS’N‘TINGS” is really just the thing to start your day. He’ll be playing with his occaisional partner Mix Mup at Fabric in London this Friday, if you’re near.

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