15.08.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Kassem Mosse - Resident Advisor podcast

Thank you, Kassem Mosse. Not only have you released some of my favourite dance music tracks and remixes from the past couple of years, but I really needed a good Monday mix to continue thawing out from the weekend. You totally delivered. Anyone else who might have left an important part of their brain in a field, and called their mum about it, might appreciate the soulful, chilled-out affair that is his RA podcast. Kassem Mosse hails from Leipzig, but his music has as much in common with Detroit techno as with the current deep house sounds of his home country. His live sets are highly in demand at the moment, and the guy also has a pretty great record collection as evidenced in this mix. For more reading on Kassem Mosse and his tune selection head over to the interview that ran with the podcast on RA. Get to it: a bit of sunshine, a cuppa, and this mix will sort you right out in no time. Happy Monday!


Theo Parrish – 360@1:29on696 (Full Version)
Big Strick – A Walk In Linwood
DJ Qu – Circuit
Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – F.S.K.
War – Galaxy
Omar-S – Oasis #2
Reggie Dokes – Perceptions
Conforce – Spoiled (XDB mix 2)
Mix Mup – Spunky Bonus
Panda Bear – Surfer’s Hymn (Actress remix)
Phoenecia – Thang
Lady Blacktronica – The Shadows
nike.bordom – Vulmio

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