03.09.2009, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 13 // Keytars & Violins

How would you describe the mix?

These are just some tracks I’ve been listening to lately, primarily tech-house, disco-house and the like. It’s quite deep and dark in places but also has playful moments… I feel there’s something for everyone in there.

What are your highlights from the mix?

The first track builds incredibly. I’m a sucker for anything epic like that. Peter Horrevorts also has a definite style that makes him stand out. There’s a little period in the mix from the Ost & Kjex remix through to Marco Bernardi that highlights a production style that’s interesting me right now, it’s just so raw and fun. It makes me want to throw a party in a basement or garage and play all that stuff. And, slowing it to 100bpm at the end, John Roberts ‘Pruned’ is one of my favourites of the year, definite similarities to DJ Koze, such an emotive track.

It seems like a lot of interesting music is happening kind of between techno, house, disco, electro, whatever – do you agree?

Oh yeah, no doubt about it, it’s an exciting time to hunt out new music. It may sound trite but there’s definitely an air of authenticity and genuine love for the music that’s being made just now, like there’s a lot of re-invention going on with artists transcending a number of genres under various guises, known and unknown, it’s cool.

How is the blog going?

I’d have to say very well, it’s been running for 3 years this month. I’m quite possibly the least organised person in the world, so how I’ve managed to keep it going for that long is a feat in itself.

How would you describe Keytars and Violins?

A blog with a bad name. The music and art makes up for it, though.

What’s your day job?

Remember Rosie & Jim? Well, I deal in those kind of boats.

Keytar & Violins blog

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