23.07.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Mike Paradinas's Footwork Mix 4

Mike Paradinas, he of µ-Ziq and boss of Planet Mu fame, was supposed to play Rotterdam’s Container Fest on Saturday night but a cancelled flight put paid to that. Being the congenial fellow that he is, Paradinas recorded a 90-min set of footwork, including lots of “unreleased exclusive” stuff, that he would’ve played and posted it for free download with this message: “FWIW I do agree that 90 mins of footwork is “a bit much” but I just went with it… I do find it hard to listen to all in one go, but there are some great tracks in there.” To say it’s full-on would be an understatement but there’s plenty of gold here, including Traxman’s Lifeeeee Is For Ever, Jlin’s Eu4ria, Machinedrum’s Heavyweight and DJ Clent’s Don’t Go Down. The biggest presence, however, is DJ Rashad. Tracks like .40cal, Heaven Sent with Gant-Man, Love U Found, and Move Out 2012 with DJ Manny show a producer in full, lucid command, spinning soulful lines through caffeinated kicks with flair and ease. If you needed any more evidence that Rashad is completely owning things right now, this is it. Tune in below and download the full mix here.

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