14.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

MJ Cole – Kiss Mix

With so much music written (and written about) in the context of the night-bus home, it’s a shame that the experience of the bus out is so neglected around these sections of the net. MJ Cole, a man responsible for some of the best British pop / dance music of the last 20 years is, as we have noted before, an absolutely excellent DJ, and perfect for redressing this balance. Now, uploaded to his Soundcloud, is his mix from last night’s show on Kiss FM’s wideboys mix. It’s a combination of dance anthems composed with a classically trained musician’s attention to detail and the sugar rush of a garage DJ. It makes us want to ride to the rave on the back of the bus, chewing gum, playing tunes to our mates and feeling unstoppable.

If you’re not thinking “MJ, you badman” within ten seconds of this mix, you really do not understand what we’re trying to do here. Which is fine, but you should grab the mix he made us in 2010. and see if that does the trick.

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