20.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Moon Wiring Club mixes like a boss for FACT

A charming addition to the hauntological gentlemen’s club is Moon Wiring Club, one Ian Hodgson, who first started releasing music through Ghost Box in 2007. A chap whose vintage electronica-slash-camp occultist rumbles with camp humour and stately finesse, he was asked to take FACT’s pre-Xmas mix, and has done a good job. There’s few inclusions that don’t break some rule here (Coil and Terror Danjah? Wiley and HG Wells? The Beatles? ), and is a marvellous way to see in the new year.

View the full story here, part one is streaming below.

FACT mix 310 – Moon Wiring Club (Dec ’11) – Pt.1 by factmag

01. Ken Freeman. White Mountain
02. Mira Calix. Khala (Assisted by Gescom)
03. Dick Mills. The Mandragora Helix
04. Snoop Dogg. It Blows My Mind (Instrumental)
05. Clannad. Signs of Life.
06. Delia Derbyshire. Tutankhamun’s Egypt
07. Sleepy Brown. I Can’t Wait (Instrumental)
08. Maria Minerva. Unchain My Heart
09. Ian Mcshane. Drive
10. Elektriktus. Second Wave
11. Anthony Rother. Past Represents the Future
12. Koji Kondo. File Select.
13. Hudson Mohawke. Acoustic Lady
14. Madlib Dirty Hop (the Shuffle)
15. BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Doctor Who Theme (Delaware Version)
16. Clams Casino. Kush Tonight
17. The Beatles. Flying
18. Shuki Levy. Les Sirènes
19. Dr Dre. Ackrite (Instrumental)
20. Anthony Childs. Over Napoli
21. Ichiro Shimakura. Castle Grounds
22. H. G. Wells. Radio Talk ‘Communications 1922-1932′
23. Jocelyn Pook. Dionysus
24. J Dilla. Won’t Do (Instrumental)
25. Marina & the Diamonds. Obsessions (oOoOO RMX)
26. Coil. Something
27. Sturm. Seiben
28. Peter. De Virtute Imaginativa
29. Ellie Goulding. Starry Eyed
30. Earthling. 1st Transmission (Portishead’s Earthead Mix)
31. DJ Shadow. 89.9 Megamix
32. D.D. Denham. The Railway Orphanage
33. Ginuwine. Pony (Instrumental)
34. Jean-Michel Jarre. The Abominable Snowman
35. Carl Craig. Alien Talk
36. Timbaland. Bounce (Instrumental)
37. Marc Rosen. Alien
38. Scott Walker. Bouncer See Bouncer
39. Nurse With Wound. Man is the Animal
40. Time Attendant. Rossmann Dial
41. Peter Cusack & Max Eastley. Zero Day To Zero Night
42. Thomas Koner. Nuuk (Night)
43. BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Janissary Band
44. Max Eastley/David Toop. Burial Rites
45. Julia Holter. Celebration
46. Siouxsie & The Banshees. Carousel
47. Autechre. Perlence Suns
48. Francisco Semprun & Michel Christodoulides. Voûtes
49. Moon Wiring Club. Sly Gavotte (Clockwork Mouth Mix)
50. Stanley Holloway. Strolling in the Park
51. Awake. Tempus Fuggit
52. Coil. Egyptian Basses
53. Mark Ryder and Phil Davies. ‘Fire’
54. Terror Danjah. Minimal Dub
55. FSB. Pesen.
56. Wiley. Get Along Gang
57. Higher Intelligence Agency. Speedlearn (Reformed By The Irresistable Force)
58. Automat. Droid
59. Tangerine Dream. Flock
60. Warren G & Nate Dogg. Regulate (instrumental)
61. Biosphere. Antennaria
62. John Zorn. Lucifer Rising

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