04.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

New Tri Angle Records artist Howse has done a rather nice mix

New Tri Angle Records artist Howse has done a mix for Spanish radio station Concepto and it’s up on his Soundcloud page.

The mix begins with a wash of warm electronics and the jerky, stop-start beats which will be familiar to anyone who’s listened to Howse’s Tri Angle debut ‘VBS’. Only, instead of building or progressing in a linear fashion, in a few minutes we find ourselves totally swamped in woozy, heavy beatless atmospherics – which actually, is quite a nice place to be, especially considering how good it sounds when the bass and rhythm reassembles underneath us and we’re drawn back into the rapid-fire junglistic rhythmic patterning, sharp vocal snippets, and classic jungle sounds. It’s a nice trick and one Howse repeats a few times during this mix.

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