12.12.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Pure X's cassette tape mix

It’s been floating around the edges of the web for a wee while but I only just wrapped my ears round the languid vibes of this mixtape from Texan band Pure X. It was made by drummer Austin Youngblood, who, it transpired in a chat following their recent-ish London gig, is a massive cassette tape fan. This mixtape is literally that – a mix using two cassette decks and the results of a tape haul. At the perfect tempo to temper the annual festive implosion, it’s well worth a download below. And it’s got Lionel Richie, Jean Michael Jarre and Enya on it. What more do you want? Full tracklisting below.

In other cassette news, the brilliant NNA Tapes recently redesigned their website – and very nice it is too. Have a look/drool here.

Splendid Silk../BigPuff-LongHaul__cassettricx::PureXhevyXhadeXlayer by Chevy Like A Rock

Pure X cassette mix tracklisting

Lionel Richie Can’t Slow Down
Patti LaBelle New Attitude // Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack
George Michael Hand To Mouth
Fleetwood Mac Isn’t It Midnight
Tyrone Brunson Love Triangle
The Time Ice Cream Castle
Bill Douglas Deep Peace // Jewel Lake
Ray Lynch The Oh Of Pleasure // Deep Breakfast
Jean Michael Jarre // Les Concerts En Chine
Kitaro // Live In Person Digital

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