05.10.2012, Words by dummymag


SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL have provided the world with one of the most individual dancehall mixes going after appearing on CFRO 100.5 FM Co-Op Radio’s ‘Art of Beatz’ show in Vancouver.

An editor’s note on the Digitalis SoundCloud page states that both “ethnomusicologists and amateur sound archaeologists remain baffled by by the above claims as the recording in question seems to traverse chronologies and defy all rationale behind its alleged origins. We are not entirely sure if what we are hearing is an actual live recording of a dancehall from another dimension or a completely composed audio piece. Debates regarding this tape continue, but experts already agree: in this heartical tribute to the finest in Dancehall culture, SKRSINTL lovingly obliterates our all too restrictive definitions of what a radio broadcast, a live recording, a deejay mix, a soundtrack, and a compositional piece can or cannot be.”

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