New Music
30.03.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

A Montreal composer has made the best remix so far this year

First, to set the scene. Stage left we have Elite Gymnastics, the exciting Minneapolis duo signed to Acephale Records who make pop music with rave in its blood. They are also very good at the internet. (See their snazzy new website that serves as promo for their follow up to their ‘RUIN 1 & 2’ record.) Enter stage right, CFCF, a Montreal producer that has recently revealed himself to be a composer and pianist of exquisite skill on his forthcoming new EP ‘Exercises’ of which Dummy is a huge fan. (Listen to Exercise 3: Buildings.) And now to the crux of our story: CFCF made a remix for Elite Gymnastics’ ‘RUIN 3’ project and it’s the best remix I’ve heard in ages, definitely this year, and possibly all of 2012 (time will tell). I say remix – it’s almost a wholly different track, yet one that whispers to its genesis. Piano and strings converge, soar and fall away. CFCF demonstrates an incredible lightness of touch; so controlled yet so free. There is grace and solemnity yet that lightness resonates at its core. CFCF doesn’t just remix Elite Gymnastics’ Here, In Heaven, he inhabits it and re-imagines it from the inside.

Download the full set of Elite Gymnastics’ ‘RUIN 3’ remixes, including ones by How To Dress Well, Physical Therapy and LOL Boys, on their website. ‘RUIN 4’ is available for pre-order from Acephale now

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