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16.10.2020, Words by Billy Ward

Animai's 'Tigers' is a masterclass in jazz-edged electronica

"Tigers is about our internal fight, about parts of the mind that hold us back..."

Emerging from the shadows of London’s underground electronic scene, Animai is quickly establishing herself as a formidable force.

Released via DMY Artists, the singer-producer’s latest track ‘Tigers’ is an other-worldly homage to self-belief and reflection, utilising her background in jazz and violin to inspire the emotive composition.

“Tigers is about our internal fight, about parts of the mind that hold us back,” the writer-producer explains. “There’s a growing awareness of how learned behaviours – comparison, jealousy, control and ego – often don’t serve us as adults. This track is about amplifying that voice deep within, the one that tells us not to give up who we are in order to be loved, and it’s about telling the negativity to stop and leave.”

In the track, Animai’s eclectic musical background is made clear as she blends her ethereal vocals with an expansive sound akin to the likes of Massive Attack and Ivy Lab. Elevated by impressive live strings and a tendency to weave between genres with ease, Animai’s latest offering looks poised to continue her rise.

“My love for production is always growing, as I’m constantly learning and improving my ability to create a soundscape that matches the emotions and message of my lyrics,” she adds.

Stream ‘Tigers’ below:

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