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Battles Band 2015
02.09.2015, Words by Sean Murray

Battles - FF Bada

The second preview of Battles' upcoming album 'La Di Da Di' brings with it a restless and fidgety tone. Following lead single The Yabbathe trio has released another instrumental titled FF Bada – one that distances itself ever so slightly from the former's metronomic claustrophobia, but carrying with it an element of surprising playfulness. 

Swarmed by brooding synth lines and math rock guitar licks, Battles ape their characteristic formula with an off-kilter beat and time signatures that produce feet stomping as much as chin stroking. Staccato riffs make it considerably brighter and wonkier than The Yabba, but most of all Battles have exhibited something more in tune with the giddy conotations you expect from a such as silly album title.

Listen to FF Bada above.

Battles release La Di Da Di on September 18th through Warp Records (pre-order).

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