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30.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Big Boi and Theophilus London - She Said OK (ft. Tre Luce)

The slightly less eccentric half of Southern hip hop monarchs, OutKast, is releasing a new album and today he’s posted up a taster in the very sexual form of She Said OK, produced by Chris Carmouche. Big Boi doesn’t hold up a façade of ‘wackiness’ or pretentiousness unlike his previous rapping partner, Andre 3000 and his super-smooth, witty word abilities. In this track, Big Boi straight up tells us what he wants, “Let me see your pussy”, as well as when he’d rather do something other than smoke weed; “Thank you smelly much but this is the only hairy bush that I would like to put my lips on” and he reminds us a good few times that this lady is in full compliance – not really a song for the kids, this one.

Chris Carmouche’s production parallels the sensually smooth voices of Big Boi and Theophilus London, he’s created a velvety bed of guitar and chill-out drums that settle themselves in the background to let the described sex scene hold the limelight.

After a few teething issues with the name, Big Boi finally decided to title his new album ‘Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors’ but no date’s been given yet. Listen to She Said OK below.

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