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22.06.2012, Words by dummymag

Blawan - Long Distance Open Water Worker (preview)

After self-releasing the dynamic vocal-heavy 12” EP ‘Getting Me Down’ in May, Blawan seemed to be heading along a path of UK garage and a somewhat more ‘upbeat’, lighter sound in comparison to earlier tracks such as Iddy, Peaches and Bohla. But Blawan’s brand new EP ‘Long Distance Open Water Worker’ released on Black Sun Records appears to be as deep and dirty as ever.

‘Long Distance Open Water Worker’ tracklist:

A1 – Scarborough Harbour
A2 – Breathe Them Knees In
B1 – Grafter Gets A Home
B2 – 6 To 6 Lick

Stream a preview of ‘Long Distance Open Water Worker’ here

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